Reading Types

RELATIONSHIP READINGS – Through Giovanna’s psychic abilities she taps into the world of love and gives an in depth personal reading revealing the intentions & thoughts of your love interest providing you with clarity and details of the exact outcome. Giovanna will let you know if this is a relationship worth holding on to or letting go of.

PALM READING – Palmistry is an ancient method of revealing the past, present and future from signs, marks, and lines in the hands. These patterns can pre-diagnose latent health problems, reveal character potential and direct one towards future success. The shape of your hand can help you shape a happy and successful life for yourself.

TAROT CARD READING – The ancient mystery of the tarot can answer your questions and reveal layers of hidden wisdom to guide you towards your life path. Each tarot card is a many faceted jewel which can unlock the future for you.

PSYCHIC READINGS – A Psychic Reading is an Analysis of Ones Life. Past Present and Future. By Tapping into her spritual powers Giovanna focuses on an individuals energy. And Reads the impressions on an individuals Life. In this way it is possible to know where you are. where you’ve been and where your going. This reading is the most powerful and most recommended.

CHAKRA READINGS AND BALANCING – Balancing the Chakras is important to do on a regular basis. If one chakra is out of balance the others can not function properly.

AURA CLEANSING – An aura cleansing is a special process which clears that energy field and brings body, mind and soul into harmony.

PICTURE READINGS – A detailed reading about anyone or anything including those that have crossed over and pets.

PAST LIFE REGRESSION – A detailed reading of ones past life .